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Can My Cracked Windscreen be Saved?

Crack Evaluation

Our Technicians will check and ensure the crack is repairable or else he will advise if the windscreen needs a replacement.


Using the latest and most reliable technology by Glasweld, our technicians will perform the repair on your windscreen. It will take approximately about 30 to 45 mins for the repair to be done, depending on the complexity of the crack


After the resin has been filled up, we will use UV lamp to cure the resin. Once this is done, the repair is permanent.


Cleaning and polishing up the repair area. Repairs is a restoration work thus repairs will always have a slight blemish like a water stain left behind after repair. All our repairs comes with a life-time warranty against spreading and discoloration.

The Glazity promise

Always There

Advisors available to help in emergencies 24/7 and technicians all over Singapore.

Expect an Expert

All our technicians specialise in vehicle glass and have training on the latest developments.

Perfect Fit

We always ensure that we have the correct glass for your vehicle using your chassis number.


Exceptional workmanship and service is our priority. We give you lifetime warranty on our worksmanship for repairs and replacements

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